Garage Cleaning Company

Garage Cleanouts Servicing New Castle County, Delaware


We all know that the garage can be a disorderly place to dump stuff.

You use your garage to park your vehicle, store furniture, and many other home items that may be in excess. Overtime, these items accumulate lost of dust, dirt, and debris buildup. You can count on New Image Garages - Delaware's Garage Cleaning Company to clean your garage and bring it back to life. Whether you are moving, preparing your house for sale, or your garage space has been neglected for a long time, we can assist in cleaning your garage from top to bottom.

All dirt, cobweb, dust, and more would be removed. It is also important that your garage door be cleaned as dirt and debris can get in the way of your garage door operation. Having your garage door and overall garage cleaned professionally by New Image Garage, we will guarantee to pay great attention to your garage floor, garage walls, and garage door. We also help organize your garage to make it more welcoming and also manageable once our job is done. Ask about our Garage Epoxy Flooring which makes your garage floor easier and quicker to clean, impervious to certain fluids, and provides an aesthetically beautiful look.